Welcome to my Art Gallery

My art is the reflection of Free forms with freedom of expressions and interpretations of the original work of the ultimate artist and creator, our God.
Having grown up with a passion for color, textures and dynamic compositions, I am a self-taught artist who enjoys painting anything that inspires me during that moment of time. Beauty in ordinary things captivates me. And my goal is to personalized each piece of art to the person who owns it and enjoys the blessing of hidden message in each piece.
I enjoy working on Abstract, Still Life, Landscape, Geometric, Figurative, inspired by the human figure, and a combination of naturalism and expressionism - Technique using multiple thin-layered glazes to achieve inner glow and depth of light and texture, focusing light in some areas in order to guide my viewer’s eye toward what I feel is most important
in my paintings.
My love for painting began during my childhood. Being the daughter of naturally artistic/creative parents, created an abundance of motivation & support. Watching my father do sketches of landscapes, buildings, figures and working his magic with color selections, masterfully painted each work of art to live structures of buildings - What a magnificent childhood! “I treasured the time spent with my family frequently indulged in road trips as a child and continue to do the same as time permits with my family.
Inspired by the word of God in the Year 2001, I started painting/capturing spiritual themes -worship through visual arts. Having grown up with a love for nature, I am blessed & delighted by the challenge of using artistic photography to stir people’s emotions via Photography that emphasizes on creator & creativity. I reckon I’ve longed to hold a camera for as long as I can remember. Creating an art piece to me resonates as a part of journey of faith. The produced product is developed and is the outcome in trusting almighty with love. I am privileged to be a member of ART pact team & ACT Artists.

Medium: Oils, Acrylics, Soft Pastels, Charcoal, graphite, Ink and Digital Photography.

Displays and Auctions:

My art has been displayed in 20+ exhibits and auctioned in Texas Local Women’s welfare – Crown of Hope nonprofit organizations to help abused women, IT companies and Churches for the fundraisers during natural disasters and call for need. 100% of the proceedings have been donated towards good cause around the globe ex: Women’s wrights at Kenya, Donations for School for Orphans construction at Nicaragua, Texas Alliance for Life Benefit etc... At the moment my art is displayed at HCBC ART Gallery and Dioceses of Austin – Catholic Pastoral enter in Austin TX, Clinics/hospitals in Austin - TX, Florida and Chicago. And many more can be found in private collections in Ireland, India and USA.
Education: JN Architecture and Fine Arts University – B.Arch

To my husband and children who continue to support and inspire me to live my dream.